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Posted by Ron Roy Ring: I found out that Todd Kenyon passed away (announced on his Facebook page). He was truly a wonderful guy ... and an extremely talented artist. He will be greatly missed...

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07/08/15 10:25 AM #1    

Teri Woodliff (Marshall)


Thanks Ron, for the notification.     Rest in Peace, Todd.




07/09/15 01:39 PM #2    

Jeri Partain (Chadwick)

Ahhh the big crush from SWJHS where we sat at the same table in art.  He was so cute with his puppy dog eyes but way out of my social group.  We had a few classes together at SBHS but he was going with Margaret McFarland and still running with the "in crowd" while I was in a way out crowd.  We ended up missing a test in math during our senior year and the teacher sent us to an empty room to take the test.  When we got to question 23, he looked up with his little grin and said, "You have good looking legs."  Bless his heart, he had to look hard and long to find something to compliment me on since my glasses, braces, crummy skin and strange shape wouldn't work.  I'm thinking what the heck is he doing?  A few minutes later the question is answered when he asked, "What is the answer to question 23?"  I started laughing so hard I was crying.  This was a repeat class for me (the math illiterate).   I told him I had D but not to put that down and I always picked the wrong answer.  He picked B and when the teacher handed the test back he made the comment that he was worried we would cheat but we couldn't have because he had passed but I failed.  The correct answer was B!  


I also remember when his big brother Terry was in a head on collision on Hempstead Highway and became paralized from the waist down.  I did volunteer work at Blaylock Nursing Home where he was placed after he left the hospital.  I would go in his room and talk to him like we were friends even though we had never known him at schoool.  I remember Todd stopping me at school one day and telling me that Terry had shaved himself.  We were so excited over such a simple thing.


After high school we lost touch and I heard rumors that he was in Austin but never found out where he finally ended up.   Then we reconnected a few years ago and enjoyed some memories.  He told me his brother had died several years ago and his mom shortly after that.  She was a single mom and worked very hard to make sure Terry was able to stay in Spring Branch so he would be close to home.


Todd was a very sensitive person who understood feelings that didn't have to be expressed.  He certainly knew the hurt I felt from my divorce.  What a sweet soul that has gone to be with his forever family and be free from pain.  Love the memories Todd thank you my friend.




07/11/17 06:17 AM #3    

John Fountain

I remember Todd and I making sand candles together...(mostly him, I was into posters psychedelic posters)..Had some good times together....RIP....

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