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Created on: 01/14/16 12:50 PM Views: 2119 Replies: 1
Posted Thursday, January 14, 2016 12:50 PM

Bob Haggard suggested starting a forum discussing retirement.  What are you going?  Thoughts to share.  Please feel free to join the discussion.

RE: Retirement
Posted Wednesday, January 20, 2016 06:41 PM

Retired in 2012 and have stayed busy ever since.  Do a fair amount of travel.  Including Europe, 2 curises and alot of trips in the USA.  Keep busy building stuff, garden, hobbies.  Turn pens on my lathe.  Said I would work at Lowes when I retired and I did for one summer.  Live out in the rural area.  Quiet, dark at night and all kinds of animals come through.  Work more now than when I had a real job.  Janean, the wife, still works as the librarian for public school.  Katy, my oldest, is married with 2 kids.  Her husband is E6 in the army and in the Old Guard in Washington DC.  He is in the honor guard for funerals at Arrlington.  I still have 2 kids at home.  Both work, both pay rent and both pay their bills...I guess they can stay.  God bless and have a good day.