Tim Lorenz

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Tim Lorenz
Residing In: Cagayan De Oro City, Misamis Oriental Philippines
Spouse/Partner: Lucy Lorenz
Occupation: Semi Retired. Start up business consultant. Business development consultant
Children: Adrianna Marie Lorenz- 8 years old.

My son Jonathan died of stage 4 cancer at 38 years old. More… Be careful of cancer sneaking up on you. He had no previous symptoms and died 7 weeks after diagnosis. Watch your diet.
Yes! Attending Reunion
School Story:

I actually do not think many remember me. I was too busy working to be involved in any school activities that required me to be "anywhere" after school.
I was close friends with two of my senior year teachers and one Kitty Ferguson I am still in contact with fairly often on Facebook. My history teacher (I forget the name) in my sophomore year asked me to take her daughter to Senior prom because she did not have a date. She was a knockout! and why she did not have a date was beyond me. But it was a kick to be a sophomore and go to the senior prom.
At our senior prom, a group of us wore "baggy white Navy shorts" and a tux top. The knucklehead school heads almost did not let us in, but gave in and let us in. It was a great time.
In class, I slept a lot. The teachers knew why and let me sleep way more than usual allowances. They knew I worked every afternoon from 3:45 pm to around 8 pm at Ledbetter Food Market. I was also a Lebtetters emptying the huge delivery truck on Thursday mornings at 4 am and then also on Sat mornings. But that job provided me with the cool car that "Maybe" some of you remember. A 1965 two-door Chevy Malibu V-8 in a cool blue color. Was thought of by some as one of the coolest cars in the parking lot at Sprint Branch.
I was from California transferring from the Huntington Beach area in my freshman year. Robert Blankenship invited me to SURF and I laughed so hard as I never knew there were waves in Texas. And the reality was there were not good ones except in a strong storm. But we enjoyed Galveston and Freeport and we were some of the first surfers in the Houston area. In those years you could drive on the beach. There was a rivalry between the surfers and cowboys at Spring Branch but that got resolved by Robert Blankenship who challenged I think any cowboy to out-horse ride him as his family had horses and cows on the family farm. So all smoothed out because one Sunday we took the cowboys with us to Galveston. They wore their cowboy boots to the beach and I laughed like hell when they pulled their boots off and when we put them on surfboards. They LOVED IT- and then came from time to time. We loved the Burger place on the pier and loved driving on the beaches in those years. Ronnie Ring now Ron Roy (actor retired) was a surfer and we communicate some on Facebook. I have no regrets about working as much as I did. I was blessed with a high-paying job. $160 an hour and tips that averaged $15 each afternoon and $50 to $60 tips on Saturdays. I had money to burn and could afford to visit my sister often in Hawaii to surf. I ended up in Hawaii for 26 years and had an Audio Video store there in the late 70's. I moved there to attend the University of Hawaii in 1971. Whoever remembers me I welcome to contact me here.

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I think we were friends or at least knew each other at Steven F. Austin. However I only went one semester. I had to work for college and got a job at South Main Bank while at South College in downdown. If I remember correct you might have joined us going surfing at Galveston or Freeport. (My memory is fuzzy I admit). I did have one of the coolest cars at Spring Branch which was a 1965 Chevelle two door V-8. It was not a Daddy's bought car rather it was 100% paid for by me working at Ledbetter Grocery store with Robert Blankenship and Philip DeFriend who I still keep in contact with. Fond memories of the surfing days but they for sure were not fond memories of any good WAVES !. Only the girls and burger and fries and milk shakes on the pier.

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