In Memory

Harry Hardin

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05/21/14 04:23 PM #1    

Tom Parker

Harry lived across the street from me and was my best friend when we were young.  We drifted apart as we aged, but we always caught up with each other when we'd see each other.  Totally enjoyed him as a person, and was saddened when he died.  He died the same day my dad did and they were both in the same funeral home at the same time.  We used to catch hog-nosed snakes after spring semesters and keep them in an aquarium in his house until school started in the fall; feed them toads.  Still miss him.


05/22/14 04:56 PM #2    

Diana Shugar

I remember him too.  For a long time after his death I was consumed with guilt because I saw him everyday for years and didn't know he was sick, and was too young and too consumed in that "Me, Me, Me" age to not have seen it.  I have thought of him through the years.  He's the reason I've always been supportive of cancer research; always wondered why the good die young.  He has been with God a long time now; still beautiful while the rest of us have withered through the years. I'm so glad you were there for him, Tom. 

I just read your comment, Barbara.  It's great you got to know him too.  I just don't understand why he spent all those years in school, knowing he was dying, without seeing the world or something.  Being enrolled at the University shows he was living his life, prayerfully as he wanted.  You're right.  He was such a sweet guy. We'll see him again someday.  I think of him often, especially going through Spring Valley.  I've never forgotten anyone we lost from our Class of 69.

05/22/14 05:21 PM #3    

Barbara Parrott (McGinity)

Diane, I think very few knew he was sick.  While I did not interact with him alot in high school except for shared classes, he enrolled at the University of Houston and we attended the same three day orientation that August.  Had a great time getting to know him better then.  He was funny and fun....and never indicated he was not well.  I think it caught us all by surprise.

05/31/14 11:28 PM #4    

John Holloway

A brave and wonderful soul.  I remember a Camp Hudson outing when he captured a ho nose snake and carried it in his t-shirt all day.  He could throw a football 50 yards.   He bravely fought his disease.  Have never forgotten Harry.  RIP, my friend.

11/14/20 02:15 AM #5    

Wanda Hengst (Stephenson)

Harry Hardin was in my homeroom every year of high school, but I didn't get to know him as a close friend.  He was such a kind and considerate person.  Harry worked so hard on every project in school.  He had so much enthusiasm and school spirit.  It really hit all of us in some way, when we found out about his passing so young.  Harry left this earth and joined my sweet Momma with Jesus up in heaven.   I understand Tom Parker, how you felt when your dad died the same day as Harry.  I'm sorry I didn't know about your dad's passing.  My momma died two years before that.  Some day we will have a great reunion up in heaven.  God bless all the families who have lost loved ones.

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